Oakland Fan Pledge

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A fan-based initiative to keep the A's in Oakland.  Show your support and pledge to buy tickets at a new stadium and help keep our team where they belong!

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Simply put, Oakland Fan Pledge is a fan-based initiative to show the City of Oakland, A's ownership and Major League Baseball that fans are ready for a new A's stadium in Oakland and are ready to put their money where their mouths are.

Many A's fans who want the team to stay in Oakland have been frustrated by years of uncertainty about the future of the team, and discouraged from purchasing tickets because of an antiquated stadium and ownership that has told local fans the team has no future in the East Bay.  Oakland Fan Pledge gives these fans a voice and allows them to go on record with their support for the A's and the City of Oakland.

To show support, fans are asked to pledge to buy a ticket plan at a new, privately funded, baseball-only ballpark.  While this is a non-binding commitment, we ask that those who pledge are honest about what they can afford and honor this commitment when the stadium is built.

To read about the 2 guys that created and run Oakland Fan Pledge - Click Here


What Your Pledge Means:

  • You pledge to purchase tickets to a new baseball-only stadium in Oakland as a future home for A's baseball, if current or future A's ownership commits to a stadium within the city. 

  • You support the Oakland A's as a fan, and believe the City of Oakland is a viable long-term home for the A's franchise.  

  • You will be included in pledge totals (number of pledges & money pledged) that will be shared with a range of audiences, including Major League Baseball, City of Oakland officials, and local and national media, among others.

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Oakland Fan Pledge is an independent effort and not affiliated with any sports team, governmental agency or organization. All ticket amounts on the Pledge page are estimates and do not reflect confirmed ticket pricing at any existing or future stadium. 


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