Progress Towards An Oakland Stadium

For the past 48 months, Oakland Fan Pledge has aimed to bring fans together in support of keeping the A's in Oakland through pledging to buy tickets at a new stadium.  Now that a lease has been signed to keep the team here for at least another 3 years, we feel it is time to put the pressure on the A's, City of Oakland and Major League Baseball to make progress on the lease-stipulated mandate of "good faith talks" for a new stadium at the Coliseum site.  What we want is progress!

This off season, we are looking for ways to push this message home.  As the San Jose vs MLB lawsuit likely dies this fall, we are looking for the A's to step up their efforts in Oakland.  We see no reason for any delay and think fans feel the same way.

We recently completed our Fan Banner contest.  The winning idea combines the Progress Meter with the concept of "STAYDIUM" - Something we feel gets to the heart of what we are promoting.  As progress is made, the banner will be updated to show what point we are at in the stadium development process.  This banner was up for the last homestand and look for it again in 2015. Click here to see the winning design!

We encourage you to contact us ( with additional ideas for how to promote stadium progress!

Let's Go Oakland!

Progress Meter.png

Check out the results from our series of polls on what fans want in a new Oakland stadium HERE.