In order for OFP to come up with a realistic pledge page, potential ticket plan prices were determined given the following assumptions:

    • The cost of the stadium will be between $500-$600 million
    • Ticket prices will have to be raised to rates seen by other teams with newer stadiums
    • The stadium will have a smaller than average capacity and have two decks (As current renderings for the proposed San Jose stadium show)
    • Stadium Builders Licenses (SBL) will be needed (These are currently being done to finance a portion of the 49ers Stadium in Santa Clara)
    • The stadium will have no or very little public financing (For reference, AT&T Park, which claims to be the first privately financed ballpark since 1962, received public benefits through city donated land, tax increment financing, and city services)

    The resulting seating plan is simplified since this is not a stadium with existing plans and we are not experts in stadium finance.  Seating options for newly constructed stadiums can have upwards of 25 different seating options, which is overwhelming.  The simplified seating chart represents a basic breakdown of options that can be easily differentiated by price and location.

    To determine prices, research was done on 2013 season ticket prices for 5 teams to figure out what a comparable seating menu would look like.   This stadium will not open for years and ticket prices across baseball will be higher at that point, however, putting 2020 prices on the pledge form would be both confusing and based on incalculable projections.

    For SBL pricing comparables in San Francisco and St. Louis were considered and adapted it to our broad scenario.  This resulted in adding SBLs to premium and highly desirable seating locations.  The percentage of overall tickets subject to SBLs is between 1/4 and 1/3 of capacity.  The SBL revenue will cover between 11-17% of the stadium cost.