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Oakland Fan Pledge Background FAQ


What is Oakland Fan Pledge?  Oakland Fan Pledge (OFP) is a fan-led initiative where those who support keeping the A's in Oakland can pledge to buy tickets at a hypothetical new stadium within the city.  For more information about the A's fans who started this project, visit the About Us page.

What will be done with my pledge information?   The most direct action taken with your pledge will be adding it to the List of Pledges page on the OFP website.  Your pledge will include only your name (first & last name initial), city of residence, number of seats pledged and seating level tier.  The overall database of pledges will be maintained by OFP and updated regularly via our website, with a running total (total pledges & money pledged) on the homepage.   If current or future ownership of the A’s organization commits to pursuing a new baseball stadium in Oakland, OFP will present our full Pledge List to the team with each pledge identified as part of our  pledge drive.  

Why do you need my email address?  The primary reason is so that you can be contacted by the A's if the stadium is built.  Additionally, OFP plans to keep pledge members updated via email when pledge milestones are achieved, along with relevant news regarding OFP’s efforts and stadium planning activities in Oakland. These updates will be kept to a minimum and you can opt out at any time.  Your email address will not be shared with any other parties.  

How did you determine ticket prices for my pledge?   See our Methodology page for an explanation.

Is Oakland Fan Pledge affiliated with the A’s or any other organizations?  OFP is not affiliated with the City of Oakland or the A’s, nor do we guarantee that our pledge site will ever be formally recognized by the A’s now or in the future.  While we strongly support the work being done by other grassroots groups and fans to keep the A’s in Oakland, we are not formally involved with any other organizations.


A's Fans, Ownership & Stadium Planning FAQ


The A's signed a 10 year lease to play in Oakland, what is the urgency to get a new stadium built?  The recently signed lease is effectively a 3 year lease with 1 year options after that.  We see the next few months as telling as to whether the A's are committed to a future in Oakland or whether this lease just buys time towards finding a solution elsewhere.  We are hopeful that the interest is real and therefore are actively calling for plans to be presented as soon as possible, so that the A's and City of Oakland can come to an agreement.  The lease stipulates that there must be "good faith talks" for a new stadium plan, and we want to make sure those talks progress for all sides involved.

What about a new stadium in San Jose, wouldn't that work?  San Jose has proven itself to be big league city in regards to its professional sports teams, as the San Jose Sharks (NHL) and San Jose Earthquakes (MLS) consistently draw fans and enjoy strong corporate support.  We at Oakland Fan Pledge do not doubt that the A's would enjoy similar support at a new baseball stadium in San Jose, and likely thrive.  However, the goal of our effort is not to discredit San Jose, but rather discount the myth that A's fans in the East Bay no longer support the team.  We would argue that if you took the 50 year old Coliseum and placed it anywhere in San Jose, combined with an ownership group telling local fans they wanted to move away as soon as possible, the fan turnout in San Jose, like Oakland, would be similarly suppressed.  If the A's had a ownership group who supported the team's long-term future in Oakland and pursued building a stadium, we believe the A's would have attendance in Oakland comparable to what the Giants enjoy at AT&T Park.  

As of right now, under the rules of Major League Baseball the A’s are not allowed to move to San Jose, which falls under the territorial rights of the San Francisco Giants.  MLB has been working for over four years to find a resolution to this dispute between the current A’s owners and the Giants, yet none has been reached.   The City of San Jose has sued MLB and that suit is now in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where a ruling is expected this Fall.  Meanwhile, the A’s have suffered both on the field and off due to a lack of certainty about the future of the team and its stadium.  If territorial rights are upheld, current ownership has three alternatives: sell the team to new owners, move the team to an entirely new market outside the Bay Area, or elect to keep the team in Oakland.   Two of those three alternatives provide the opportunity to pursue a new baseball-only stadium in Oakland, and OFP aims to show that there are many A’s fans ready, willing and able to support the team by buying tickets and filling that stadium.

What about Oakland officials?  The A’s have needed a new stadium for over a decade, but nothing has happened; shouldn’t the city be held responsible?  We believe local elected officials in Oakland play a critical role in keeping the A’s in Oakland, and many A’s fans have been disappointed in past efforts supporting our local sports teams and planning for their future.  The recent lease negotiations were an embarrassment that should not be repeated.  We believe the city must commit to a single specific baseball stadium site and clarify its role regarding planning aspects and responsibilities towards building a new sports facility.  OFP hopes that by demonstrating strong local fan support, City of Oakland officials will be further encouraged to identify, and demonstrate the viability of a stadium site for the A’s in Oakland and present it to MLB, as well as current or future A’s owners.  

What is currently being done to prepare for building a new baseball-only stadium in Oakland?  A's ownership is on record as saying the Coliseum site is the only place where a stadium can be built in Oakland and they are studying the site currently.  We hope to hear the results of this study soon, along with a plan for how to move forward.  The other potential site is along the waterfront, directly to the north of Jack London Square, at Howard Terminal. A group of local business men have put together an entity called Oakland Waterfront Ballpark LLC and have an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with the Port of Oakland to undertake necessary studies to prepare the land for a ballpark.  Combined with its proximity to downtown Oakland, we believe Howard Terminal site could be the ideal location for a new home for the A’s. 

What else can I do to support this effort?

  • Visit our “Take More Action” page to see additional ideas for supporting the A’s staying in Oakland
  • Tell every A’s fan you know who wants the team to stay in Oakland to make a pledge on our site
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
  • Get in touch with us with any ideas you have for other actions A’s fans can take to support the A’s staying in Oakland
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