Oakland Fan Pledge

Show Your Support + Take Action

A fan-based initiative to keep the A's in Oakland.  Show your support and pledge to buy tickets at a new stadium and help keep our team where they belong!

Ticket Seat Plan = The total number of plans people have pledged.  For example, if John J. pledges 4 20-game plans in the the Upper Outfield, that equals 4 Ticket Seat Plans and if John H. pledges 4 full season plans in the lower infield, that too equals 4 Ticket Seat Plans.  Because this only tells part of the story, we also report Dollars Pledged.

 Dollars Pledged = The cumulative value of all the plans everyone has pledged.  We take the dollar value from the matrix on the Pledge Page and assign it to each pledge, then add it up.  So that means that John J's pledge of 4 20-game plans in the Upper Outfield equals $2,400 and John H's pledge of 4 full season tickets (which include the one-time Stadium Builders License fee) in the lower infield equals $42,400.

In the future we plan to break out these statistics in other ways, such as Season Ticket Equivalents and total people who have made pledges. 

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