Hey Fans, Help Us Promote Keeping The A's In Oakland!  Become an Oakland Fan Pledge Neighborhood Ambassador Today!

What Are Neighborhood Ambassadors?  They are fans who want to do more to help keep the A's in Oakland.  If you sign up, you are committing to get out to your local shops and businesses, talk to the owners and get our new, great looking posters placed in storefronts.  

If you submit a form, we will send you a free packet with 20 posters, tape, cards and a guidelines sheet to get you on your way.  Be sure to email us pictures of your placed posters so we can highlight those businesses and their support of the A's and Oakland!

*** Please Note : We have hit our limit for our initial release.  If you submit a form, we will email you when we start our next round. ***


Name *
Mailing Address (so we can mail you your packet) *
Mailing Address (so we can mail you your packet)

Areas Already Covered (Some are big enough for multiple people): 

  • Glenview
  • Bushrod
  • Piedmont Avenue (Kaiser Area)
  • Dimond
  • Lakeshore
  • Grand Ave., Oakland
  • Laurel
  • Oakmore
  • Antioch & Brentwood
  • Montclair
  • Walnut Creek (More Needed!) 
  • Downtown Oakland (More Needed!) 
  • Jack London Square (More Needed!) 
  • Downtown Point Richmond
  • Downtown Concord
  • E. 14th in San Leandro
  • High Street, Oakland
  • Keller Avenue, Oakland
  • Mills College Area
  • Rockridge
  • Castro Valley Blvd. 
  • Adams Point
  • Martinez
  • Golden Gate
  • East Oakland
  • Livermore
  • Fruitvale
  • Downtown Hayward
  • Downtown Lafayette
  • Floresta
  • Salida, CA
  • West Oakland
  • North Berkeley
  • 17th Street, Downtown Oakland
  • Park Blvd., Oakland
  • Alameda Mid-Town
  • Monterey
  • Temescal
  • Uptown Oakland
  • Washington Ave., San Leandro


poster on door.png
Poster Website.png

If you want a poster for yourself, click here for a high resolution file of the 11"x17" image. 

Step 1:

Determine which location you would like to focus on, then fill out the Neighborhood Ambassador form so we can send you a packet.

Step 2:

Receive your Ambassador packet and pound the pavement in your neighborhood business/shopping area.  Ask business owners to allow you to put a poster in their window.  Don't forget a camera! 

Step 3:

Take a photo of the business with the poster in the window and email it to us so we can post it on this site and show off those businesses that support keeping the A's in Oakland!


100% of the support for this effort comes from donations we received from our crowdfunding drive.  Thanks to all the fans that helped make this happen!